A married couple working together as photographic artists, passionate about capturing those with adventurous spirits & love in their hearts.

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We feel so fortunate to be able to create what we’re passionate about - together. Having traveled over 30 countries, we've had the opportunities to collaborate and photograph incredible people and events. We sincerely love capturing life’s milestones and being a part of the growth of relationships and families. We take pride in our devotion to each and every project we have the pleasure of delivering. From the moment we sit down with an engaged couple to the addition of their first child, it all makes what we do extremely gratifying. We capture real, genuine beauty and candid moments between couples and their loved ones. It’s what drives our passion to deliver the finest, emotion-filled images to you from such exciting days of your lives.As we get to know you, we will gain a perspective that will allow us to fully manifest your vision. That is our promise to you as your photographers.


When Ryan & Jay first came together, there was an undeniable energy that bonded them from the get-go. The universe seemed to be paving their way toward an incredible journey together. With almost identical passions and goals, a solid foundation began to flourish.

In no time, they came to realize that their connection with one another went far beyond the camera. Work days were now ending in dinner dates... Days off turned into days out together.

On an evening walk one night, they came across a blue house with burgundy shutters. Ryan stopped and stared at the house for a moment and the idea hit him. He had always poked fun at Jay for almost always leaving the house in some shade of burgundy. It just seemed to be HER color. With that being said, he also reflected on the significance of the color blue in his life. It just seemed to be HIS color.

Seeing the two colors together seemed to wildly resemble the connection they shared - the way the colors complimented each other in such an effortless way. A defined balance of masculinity and femininity. They are each capable of standing alone beautifully - but together, they weave a sense of sophistication and a new level of purpose.

As soon as Ryan said the name Burgundy Blue out loud, Jay’s eyes lit up. They both knew in that moment that it was the perfect fit.

Fiercely inspired, they rushed home to check if the web address was available. To their disappointment, they found that it was already being used. Keeping faith, Ryan reached out to the owner of the web address with their story and offered to purchase it.

As it turns out, a miracle found its way to their inbox the next morning. When the web address was GIFTED, along with incredible support and encouragement, it seemed to be one more arrow pointed in the right direction. They could not have been more grateful and were eager to put their dreams in motion.